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The Centre provides several other services - in fact it is true to say that we can provide for any dental procedure.

These treatments include:

Treatment for tooth grinding:
Some people grind their teeth in their sleep. This can cause the teeth to be excessively short and unsightly. Sensitivity to cold and sweet can be a further symptom. Some patients suffer with frequent headaches and neck aches, especially on waking in the morning. We can supply appliances which, when worn at night, protect the teeth and alleviate the symptoms.

We offer gold, composite or porcelain fillings. The cavity is first prepared and an impression is taken and sent to the laboratory for making the filling, which is fitted on a second visit.

Fissure Sealants:
These are plastic coatings, which are painted on the surface of the teeth to protect them from being decayed. They are recommended for the molar teeth with deep pits and fissures where plaque and bacteria tend to collect. This procedure can be carried out entirely painlessly using our DRILL FREE machine and allows us to seal the teeth with fluoride materials thus affording them maximum protection.


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