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  Prevent tooth disease

Gum disease is the commonest cause of tooth loss in patients over the age of 40. Its progression is slow and its onset may not be realised until it is too late. At the Centre we will be able to diagnose any problem with the gums.

A beautiful smile is based on healthy teeth and gums. It is pointless to embark on any treatments if there is any underlying gum disease. It is the job of our Hygienist to expertly and carefully clean your teeth and gums and to instruct you in an effective way to look after them. It is important to visit a hygienist regularly.

Bad breath is often caused by problems in the teeth. The bacteria on the teeth, the gums and the tongue produce sulphur compounds that cause bad breath.

The first line of defence against periodontal disease is the hygienist. In advanced cases thorough scaling and improved oral hygiene are not sufficient to control the infection and the patient will require more complex procedures in an effort to save the teeth.


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