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  Fixing teeth to improve smile

Many people are self conscious about their smile and would like to improve certain aspects of it. They may have stained or crooked teeth, gaps between the teeth, or unsightly fillings or crowns. It may, indeed, be something subtler than that, such as the teeth being too short as a result of a grinding habit, or the gum line of adjacent teeth not matching correctly to each other.

We offer a comprehensive range of procedures that can be applied with a predictably high degree of success. These include:

Porcelain laminate veneers:
These are a thin covering of porcelain bonded to the front of the teeth in order to enhance their appearance. We can close spaces, change the colour, increase the size, or straighten the teeth. Porcelain allows us to create life-like teeth with the procedure being painless, involving minimal tooth preparation and the results are stunning.

Composite resin bonding is used to repair fractured teeth, as well as to change the shape and colour of teeth in much the same way as veneers, the difference being that this treatment is completed in one visit and requires no laboratory procedures.

Natural effect crowns:
Crowns are literally covers for the teeth. They are used to rebuild teeth which are broken or heavily filled. They can also be used to correct any damage caused by excessive wear in order to restore the tooth to its original dimensions. There are a variety of different materials that can be used to construct crowns and, with the superb technical support here at the Harley Dental implant & Cosmetic Centre, they can be virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Natural effect bridges:
These are another method to replace missing teeth providing the space is not too wide. A conventional bridge utilises crowns on the teeth either side of the gap to support the artificial teeth. This treatment is employed when the supporting teeth are assessed to be strong enough to take the extra load.

Adhesive bridges can be constructed in cases where the bite is not too heavy and have the advantage of involving less tooth preparation. A false tooth is glued to the adjacent tooth or teeth by attaching wings to it.

White fillings:
At the Harley Dental Implant & Cosmetic Centre we no longer use mercury amalgam fillings. We employ the most advanced tooth filling materials and techniques in order to achieve excellent aesthetic results and preparation requires less aggressive tooth removal than in the case of mercury fillings.

Most restorative materials contain fluoride and we place them in the tooth to be treated thereby protecting it from further decay.

Drill free, needle free dentistry:
Modern dentistry has evolved to a stage where if we can detect dental decay early in your teeth, we can treat the condition without needles or drilling using the latest Air Abrasion technology. We can just ‘spray away the decay’ and restore the tooth to a natural contour using advanced adhesive filling materials.

Many people have crooked teeth. A crowded mouth can cause loss of confidence for cosmetic reasons. Plaque is collected more easily because the toothbrush may skip over certain places and this makes gum disease more likely. This can be corrected by orthodontic treatment. Various types of fixed or removable appliance are utilised to achieve the desired result. Sometimes we find it is beneficial to move teeth orthodontically prior to the placement of implants in order to enhance the final appearance.


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