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Case Study - Veneers
discolorations on her teeth

Victoria attended the Centre at the age of 22 being dissatisfied with her smile. She had had orthodontics as a child but the result was less than satisfactory. She also suffered from discolorations on her teeth.

Her smile and confidence was affected especially in her job which involved meeting the public.

porcelain laminate veneers

We assessed Victoria for being a candidate for porcelain laminate veneers. We made a mock up in her mouth before any preparation took place to give her an idea of the possible result – an instant ‘smile makeover’.

She was able to give us feedback on this mock up and even go home to show her family.


custom crafted shells of porcelain

Once we agreed on the final result, the teeth were very lightly prepared to enable us to bon the custom crafted shells of porcelain to her teeth.

The results were astounding.


Improved Smile

A young beautiful smile was recreated overcoming all the imperfections of shape, colour, size and alignment in one foul swoop.

Porcelain veneers - permanently improved teeth

Victoria was thrilled with the result and was able to regain her confidence almost instantaneously.

The results are undetectable giving a natural contour to the overall smile.



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