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Case Study - Immediate Implants
Case Study Immediate Implants

When Maria came to the Centre, she was in despair. Now in her late thirties, she had always been told that she had ‘soft enamel’ ever since she was a child and she felt resigned to having bad teeth. The thought of extensive dental treatment frightened her emmensely.

She had let her teeth and her oral health deteriorate to the extent that although most of her teeth were restorable, some teeth had fractured and needed to be replaced.

Client wants broken teeth and metal fillings replaced

She wanted to have teeth which looked good and felt good. She did not want to see broken teeth or metal fillings in her mouth.

Having examined Maria, all her options were discussed and she agreed that she had the rest of her life left ahead of her and wanted the most long term results.


Preparation for crowns and dental implants

We planned to change her old metal fillings, place some crowns on the weak teeth and replace the un-repairable teeth with some dental implants.

Maria was treated under sedation and much of the work was carried out in one appointment.


The broken teeth were removed and immediate implants were placed. Maria was able to leave with her teeth intact and gaps restored.

A period of 3 months followed before the final phase of the treatment was commenced.

Patient after treatment

During this time Maria able to smile and talk as normal and go about her daily life although she was asked to remain on a soft diet for about 6-8 weeks after the treatment.

Maria was so thrilled with the final result that she was incredibly emotional.

Another view of fixed teeth

With some other smile enhancement treatments, Maria’s smile was restored to its full and natural beauty.

She had strong teeth that she will look after just like her own.

She was able to have the treatment in comfort and without anxiety as she was sedated during the procedures.

Her smile and confidence was restored and she had very little disruption in her life.


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