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Case Study - Full Mouth Rehab/Reconstruction No.1

Constructive rehab using bone grafts

Roger attended the Centre after having lost all but 4 of his own teeth. He was distraught after gum disease had ravaged his dentition. He is in his 50s and did not want to wear dentures for the rest of his life. He went to seek treatment in various places including traveling abroad and was disappointed with the outcomes that he was suggested all of which were removable.

After a series of discussions, we embarked on a treatment plan to replace his teeth as well as the gum and bone that had been lost. We provided him with fixed teeth as soon as possible so that he could function as normal whilst the reconstructive work was being carried out.

View after bone graft
Upper jaw

We then carried out bone grafting gum regeneration procedures and got him to a position where we could place implants.

Lower jaw

This enable us to now position the teeth in the correct place having carefully assessed his speech and eating patterns.

The lip support and cheek support was established and gave Roger his facial profile back.

After full mouth rehabilitation

The finished result was astounding. Roger was able to smile and eat anything he wanted because of the natural dentition that had been carefully crafted for him by the master dental technician.

patient smiling with implants in place

A delighted patient whose life was returned back to normal with some amazing dentistry providing him with a lifetime’s worth of high quality living.

Case Study - Full Mouth Rehab/Reconstruction No.2

Showing patient's gum disease

Carol was in despair having lost most of her top and bottom teeth due to gum disease.

She came to the clinic having been told that she would only be able to have dentures for the rest of her life.

Carol leads an active social life, deals with the public and was understandably concerned about the long term effects of having lost most of her teeth.

fixed teeth during treatment

Her options were discussed at length and it was clear she wanted fixed teeth. She needed to have the quality of life that she could only have with her own teeth. The dentures were getting her down and were an intrusion on her life.

Bone graft procedures were carried out and then upper and lower implants were placed. Throughout the treatment we were able to provide Carol with fixed temporary teeth that were fixed in her mouth while the ‘real treatment’ was being carried out.

upper jaw restored with implants

Nobody was aware of the extensive treatment that was going on ‘behind the scenes’ as Carol always had fixed teeth and was able to carry on with her life as normal.

The upper jaw was restored with implants and a fixed bridge.

implants in lower jaw

As was the lower jaw

View after full mouth rehabilitation

The patient was restored to a better aesthetic result than she had with her own natural teeth and was able to function to a much better level that she never thought possible.


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