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Case Study - Treatment for Missing Teeth, Front Teeth No.1

Treatment for 3 front teeth missing

38 year old Ray attended after he had lost his three front teeth in a violent accident.

He did not endear to the thought of wering dentures for the rest of his life and realized that a bridge would not solve his problem in this case.

Selecting implants

Our first mission was to create a fixed restoration for the duration of the treatment so that Ray could have his confidence back and get about his business and family life.

Implants were selected to be the best long term solution in Ray’s case.

Implanted teeth fitted

Implants were placed and his new teeth were custom manufactured in the laboratory by a Master Technician. Careful attention was paid to the contour and shade of the new porcelain teeth.

Finished Implanted teeth

After fitting his new teeth, Ray felt as if he had been given a new lease of life and he could now smile and play with his children and enjoy social activity once more without the fear of embarrassment.


Case Study - Treatment for Missing Teeth, Front Teeth No.2

fixed Bridge before Implants

26 year old Lisa fell off her bike when she was 14 years old. She had suffered terribly throughout her teenage years and had been through removable dentures before being provided with a fixed bridge. This bridge was far from fixed as it had come loose several times, often at embarrassing moments when Lisa was socialising. Lisa complained of distaste from under her bridge and poor appearance.

Investigating the possibility of implants

The gum under the bridge had shrunk considerably and gum coloured material had been applied to give the illusion of the teeth being equal length. However, this resulted in food trapping upper the bridge and the horrible taste due to stagnation. The toxins released under the poorly designed bridge affected the neighbouring teeth which also needed treatment. Lisa has a unique biting pattern which also needed attending to if long term success was to be achieved.

Matching the Implants

We replaced Lisa’s poorly fitting bridge with an implant retained bridge giving her an immensely improved appearance. By correcting her bite pattern, a far more stable result has been achieved.

Successful photo showing implants fitted

Returning the teeth to their natural contour gave Lisa the confidence to smile and to bite into her favourite foods. She never has food stuck under her new bridge and is able to clean it in the normal way.


Case Study - Treatment for Missing Teeth, Middle Teeth

Implants case study

Sarah came to the clinic hoping for a miracle. She had had a tremendous amount of dentistry at such a young age and was very reluctant to have any more. She was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth and complained of sensitivity. She knew she needed help when one of her crowns cracked off leaving her with an unsightly gap.

Temporary teeth used

She did not smile anymore and her confidence was at an all time low. When a friend recommended Sarah to come to our Clinic she was unsure of her options as she had seen a number of dentists before.

After discussing Sarah’s fears she commenced the treatment. We first restored her confidence with some temporary teeth which she could use to smile once more.

Implants and crowns fitted

With gentle encouragement and steady progress, Sarah’s confidence returned with each visit and we were able to replace Sarah’s missing tooth with an implant and place crowns on her front teeth to restore her appearance. With her front teeth strengthened, she was able to go about her life without having to think about her teeth all the time.

Implants requiring only bi-annual check up

Sarah can now smile with security and the self-assurance this gives her allows her to perform in her job in public relations looking and feeling at her best.

Sarah now only requires her twice yearly check ups and with regular visits to the hygienist she will probably need very little else in her life.


Case Study - Treatment for Missing Teeth, Back Teeth

back teeth missing

Susan is in her early 50s and has some back teeth missing.

She had often considered having more back teeth to chew with as she felt that she was ‘over-using’ her front teeth.

Fixed teeth solution

The only option that was open to her was dentures and as she has an active social life and family commitments she wanted the convenience and comfort of fixed teeth. The thought of wearing plastic or metal plates that she had to take out of her mouth filled her with dread.

We discussed the options and we opted for bone grafting in the upper jaw and then implant supported teeth to restore the missing molars.

bone grafted implants

Implants were placed and then left to heal.

Acrylic teeth were applied to the implants and after the gum had healed, the implants were restored with porcelain teeth to provide excellent function and aesthetics.

Showing Implants
Final successful view

Susan had her chewing ability restored and felt confident enough to eat all kinds of food that she would not try in the past.

After some months of using her new molar teeth, Susan was delighted to discover that having back teeth worked her facial muscles very well and she felt much tighter around the face. She was thrilled to find that eating was a pleasure but she had had what felt like a ‘face-lift’ as well!




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